Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Cleaning the Bathroom In 10 Easy Steps

Keeping the bathrooms clean is a major issue for us.  I guess maybe it is because we have 5 people who shed hair, leave dirty clothes on the ground, leave the cap off of the toothpaste, and most importantly, don’t like to clean bathrooms.  I am implementing these steps and have posted them in the bathrooms in hopes that when I declare that the bathrooms need to be cleaned we will know exactly what to do.  It is always easier to do things if you have a plan. 

As usual, the Lazy Girl doesn't like to be overwhelemed, so I also am going to try to do the daily items in the bathroom each time I go to potty.  It should only take a couple extra minutes and if I am drinking as much water as the Fly Lady suggests, then I should be in there a lot.

Do these things daily:

1.      Remove all clothing, dirty towels, and personal belongings. Put away all other items.

2.      Take out trash, clean can if needed, and replace bag.

3.      Swish and wipe the toilet (use all-purpose cleaner or good ol’ liquid soap with brush for inside, paper towel or wipe for outside)

4.      Shine sink and counter with used hand towel.

Do these things weekly:

5.      Spray sink with all-purpose cleaner, wipe with rag.

6.      Spray bath/shower with all-purpose cleaner, use rag to wipe down top to bottom, rinse as needed.

7.      Polish mirror (use ammonia solution and paper towel or newspaper).

8.      Wipe down fixtures, walls, door, and cabinets (as needed)

9.      Sweep floor.

10.  Mop floor.

What are your steps for keeping the bathrooms clean? 

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