Friday, August 5, 2011

The Lazy Girls Guide to Grocery Shopping: 10 Easy Steps

1.       Make a master List of regular menu items that you are sure to use every week. On this list write down other items you run out of through the week.

Lazy Girl Tip: Either save the copy of this to your desktop, not hidden in a file, or print many copies out and keep them in the baggie drawer.

2.      Look at the ads when they come in and circle good deals, add to your list, and set ad aside to be used at that store or for price matching.

Lazy Girl Tip: Think about stockpiling on really great deals.

3.       Go through coupons if you use them, add items to your list.

Lazy Girl Tip: Coupons are great if you match them with sales.  Otherwise, you can usually get just as good of a deal if you wait for a sale or if you buy store brands. The best deals are to be had with stacking (coupons and sales). 

4.       Things to take with you: list, ads, coupons, and water.

Lazy Girl Tip: Shopping for big families can take so much time.  Take a cool bottle of water to help recharge during or after your trip. 

5.       Pick a time.

Lazy Girl Tip: Wal-Mart at 5am, but that’s not what a lazy girl would do, so I just try to avoid the weekends if at all possible.

Lazy Girl Tip: Don’t take tired, cranky, or sick child.  Helpers are wonderful, but not if they are going to slow you down or make you miserable.

6.       Hit the non-perishable items first, then the perishables.

Lazy Girl Tip: Order your list at home to match the store you most often shop. 

7.       Self-Check out. 

Lazy Girl Tip: Bag like items (dairy, meats, cans, boxes, etc.)

Lazy Girl Tip: After a bag is full wait a few seconds before you remove the bag, this will allow the scale time to reset and will avoid the pop-up that asks about double bagging an item (a.k.a. putting it in your bag without paying). 

Lazy Girl Tip: Let the kids help.  Train them for bagger, scanner, and cart un-loader. There are tricks to all jobs. This will keep their hands off the candy and toys they put there to tempt our babies. :P

8.       Load the car with purpose: heavy stuff first, bread and eggs where they won’t be smashed.

9.       Have the kids or husband unload the car.

Lazy Girl Tip: Keep the troops happy by either buying them a treat like gum to have upon completion of their chore, or make them a big glass of ice water while they are unloading to show you appreciate their effort.

10.   Put away.

Lazy Girl Tip: This is where bagging like items comes in handy.  Put perishables away first.

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