Friday, August 12, 2011

Will President Bachmann Submit?

There are times not having TV really irk me.  Last night was one of them.  I really wanted to watch the Republican debate, but I had to settle for pundits’ interpretations this morning.  I hear that a very probing question was asked of Michelle Bachmann and not of any of the male candidates. 

I am not supporting any specific candidate at this time, but I am a huge supporter of fair play and I think last night some weren't playing fair. 

“As President, would you be submissive to your husband?” she was asked.
Rep. Bachmann goes on to answer that what submission means to her is respect.  They respect and love each other, and in short, they are partners. 

I find it interesting that they didn't ask her if her views of submission interfered with her job as a tax attorney or as a Congresswoman.  Why should it be any different as President of the United States? 

Considering what a cheap shot that was, I think she was very classy in her response.  I wish she would have gone a little further and made it clear that Marcus wasn’t going to be her co-president, because that is really what the question was about.  This was an attempt to illustrate weakness in Michelle Bachmann as a candidate because they are coming up short politically and professionally.  They are only left with personal attacks and a stupid one at that. This attack was designed to humiliate her as a Christian woman -- to show that a Christian woman isn't going to be able to lead the country when she is being lead by her husband.
Of course no questions were asked of the men who don’t follow a strict Biblical view of marriage asking them if they plan on letting their wives boss them around.  Wouldn’t that get in the way of a male President doing his job?  What about those men who do follow the strict Biblical view of marriage?  Why weren’t they asked how they intend to love their wives like Christ loved the church while they are President?  Wouldn’t being President interfere with that role?  Wouldn’t that role interfere with being President?!

Being President of the United States interferes with every part of family life. There is nothing that goes untouched, but does that mean that no Christian should run for office? If you have a partnership, like in the Bachmann marriage, you don’t make a decision like running for President lightly, and you surely know that the Presidency is a one woman/man show.  Once the decision is made to run, the spouse of the candidate has accepted that there are serious sacrifices that must be made in family life. That doesn’t mean that the spouse doesn’t have the ear of the President.  Has there been a First Lady yet who hasn’t enjoyed the support of the President in her cause?
The President is the one with the security clearance.  The President is the one who makes the decisions.  The President is the one with veto power.  The President is the one who gives the State of the Union Address.  The President is the one who is held responsible.  Marcus will have no more influence over her than Michelle Obama has over President Obama.  To ask questions that assume otherwise is juvenile and not worthy of the voters time.

I am no theologian.  Where Biblical marriage is concerned, I know what my and my husband's views are. I know that in the view of a traditionalist we are liberal, and in the view of a liberal we are traditional.  Either way, how a marriage is run is up to husband and wife, not the world.  We would never dream of speaking to a man that way and I am sickened that they would speak to Rep. Bachmann with such disrespect. 

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