Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Container Cabinet Reorg

I hopped over to The Morris Tribe the other day and found a blog post about organizing cabinets.  I love this woman.  She is real.  She admits letting go of her OCD years ago. LOL!  I don’t think I ever was really OCD, but I have learned from the Fly Lady that cleaning doesn’t mean completely reorganizing every square inch of a room. 
Her steps are very simple: clean out the cabinet completely and then group like items together. Although a lazy girl’s best friend is simplicity, to keep this cabinet organized for longer than 1 day I need to add a couple of steps.  Today I will tackle our plastic storage container cabinet, where I also keep disposable plates, cups, and utensils.

Step 1: Look in awe at what a mess the cabinet has become due to assigning little people who just want to get things done in a hurry so they can watch a movie to the task of putting away the dishes.

Step 2: Clear the cabinet out and wipe down if it is dusty, gooey, or you have ants. (YUK)! 

Step 3: Group like items together.  I know it doesn’t look like it, but I really did follow that step.

Step 4: Place items back in the cabinet according to use.  Place the most used items on the bottom and the least on the top.  I like to keep paper products way out of reach of little lazy people who know they can skip dishes if they use paper and plastic.  One other note: I dislike keeping my foil in this cabinet.  I have a drawer where we keep plastic wrap, foil, and baggies, but I bought this huge box of foil from Costco because it was really cheap.  Alas, it doesn’t fit in the drawer and might I add, I hate having precut foil.  The pieces are never big enough for the job.  I won’t make that mistake again, but until I run out, I will just have to suffer. (Actually, after a few months, I have found that I do actually like it pretty well, but i need a roll of foil to do the big jobs.)

Step 5: Find a new home for items that don’t fit or don’t belong. 

I have been sitting on this post for several months because I wanted to see if we could keep the cabinet organized.  Sorry for the sideways picture.  I'm not sure why it is displaying it that way becasue I rotated it.
 Not to bad right?! We are doing a pretty good job at keeping it organized.  Thanks Morris Tribe!

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