Monday, November 26, 2012

Thoughts on the 2012 Presidential Election

I am worn out politically.  For the last 4 years I have been very active politically, at least in the further development of my political opinions, educating myself on issues, and being vocal.  After the disappointment of this election, I am left wondering whether it all makes any difference. Maybe that is a bad attitude but that is exactly how I feel.

The one thing that keeps me going is that I know that if people like me let our guard down our freedoms will be further eroded and there isn’t much more to be eroded before there is irreparable damage.  Especially as politics relates to homeschooling, I know that if I turn away now I may end up having to send my children back into the realm of public schooling. Not only is that not an exaggeration, that isn’t something I am willing to just let happen without a fight.

I have heard many Christians talking about God’s will in this election.  They seem to take the reelection of President Obama as a sign that we should suffer silently or that it is a sign of end times so we should just focus on spiritual matters. Even the Son doesn’t know the day of His return, and although our focus should always be on salvation, we also are called to do His works even to the end. I just can’t square it in my heart that it is God’s will that the ideals of murder and theft be allowed to flourish while we retreat to our homes and churches.   I do however understand that God sometimes allows bad things to happen to his people so that He may be glorified through them.  Make no mistake; the reelection of Barak Obama is a bad thing.  In this situation I believe that it is up to the body to become more active politically, not less, so that He may be glorified. 

There are some people who would say we should turn the other cheek and not become aggressive. It is true that in everything we do we should reflect Christ; even Jesus overturned the money changers tables.  In our churches, especially in own churches, we must guard against the infectious, destructive ideals of that  public school champions like the blanket ideal that a secular institutional education is better than Christian parental education.

I believe in my heart of hearts that the path God lays before us is not an easy one, but it is one we must travel down. For me, for this one person, I feel God is clearly calling me to take up the fight for homeschooling and championing the family.  I don’t have a clear vision of every stepping stone on that path, but I know God is preparing me for that journey.
Every freedom that is taken from a parent to choose the way that his family should go, takes away our ability to freely commune with God. 

Does this sound farfetched? Ask those in China how easy it is to share the Gospel.  Ask those who meet in basements in secret.  Ask those who are forced to send their children to state schools where they receive a solid education in atheism, humanism, and paganism how receptive their children are to hearing the Gospel.

So, although I am worn out, I find my rest in Christ and I will continue to carry on for the benefit of my family and our posterity.  

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